Genuine - Real life -

We help with real life problems and so felt difficulties. We help you out with:

  • • Strategic routing
  • • Management
  • • Motivations
  • • Purpose management
  • • Honest branding and
  • • Sales propositions.

We make things practical and define a time frame to get things sorted and/ or running. We help boards, management and discipline owners i.e. HR, sales and marketing. Please contact us and see when we can meet.

What would the world miss if your organization did not exist?

Genuine Studies

Being in an educational program is one thing but feeling and seeing it work in reality is the best. Therefore we combine the both. Our programs preferably combine case studies, opinions and exchange finding and your own real life question. We do this with home study that is focussed on your existing business. Our modules are:

  • • Becoming genuine
  • • Showing and choosing significance
  • • Organizing around customer happiness
  • • Genuine Leadership
  • • Genuine in a real life setting (life case)

Be part of the Genuine Business Studies and lead!

Contact us for more details.

70% of learning is created in real life settings

Genuine talks

Ernst-Ariaan van der Giessen can be booked for ‘genuine talks’. We do this as part of in-company sessions but also invite our followers in open sessions. We discuss different themes. Leave your name and email and receive updates, our agenda etc. Sharing meets solutions and opportunities. Contact us for more details.

Do you dare to hand over your team – we believe that we can make a considerable difference