The Genuine Business™ method is a powerful and practical management "pathway model" that operates from understanding identity and significance. It allows companies, organizations and individuals to overcome the present status quo and feel and experience a continuous empowerment.

The strength of the model is the combination of managerial/ rational themes with the so-called softer, social and cultural, relevant intangible parts. Genuine Business™ uses managerial, marketing, psychological, Biblical and spiritual insights.

Genuine Business™ is all about being significant by choice.

You need courage to become genuine


We link and build your vision, motivation, existing talents, skills, and customer and start a genuine blueprint for your team, organization, discipline and products.

Our training and assistance benefit directors, managers and teams. We help them to understand their right of existence and work in an integrated manner towards a new north with action plans.

The board, human resources, marketing and sales are among the first to feel the difference.

Genuine Business™ is all about helping you being significant.

Work with an empowering blueprint


The motive behind Genuine Business™ is liberating and activating people. Today’s world is continuously showing us what we have to do or do not have or can do. People and hence businesses are trapped in the self-preservable lie that they are not good enough. We want them to be significant using their visions, motives, talents and strengths to add genuine value towards themselves, customers and society.

We admire people and brands that are real and authentic.

You know those who are when you come across one.

Genuine Business™ creating genuinely powered companies

team focus makes the dream work


GenuineBusiness is one of the genuine labels of GenuineThinkingtm

Within our team we have a variety of expertise so we can surely provide you the help you need.

2.000 hours a year of work needs intrinsic motivation


The word genuine means "as meant to be" and "authentic".

In the context of doing business this means using your talents, strengths and the choice of wanting to be of significance.

Focus, decide and act out of identity and meaning

Genuine Business Responsibility 

In our society we see a great number of business and organisations that need help of re-focus. Perhaps you or your company cannot afford this. It is in our DNA to help some of those companies against a small fee.

In this way we believe that we all help one another to keep this world go round.

Pay it forward - everyone is entitled to be the best himself.